Tested: RSL Speaker Systems 5.1 Theater System Page 2




Installation began with the usual plugging in and routing of cabling, and an initial listen with an ear toward placement and sub-integration. RSL goes to some pains to recommend a somewhat higher crossover frequency than the standard 80 Hz, suggesting 100 Hz as a starting point. In conversation with Howard Rodgers, we agreed that sub/sat integration is the Achilles’ heel of this type of small-satellite system; he told me that easing a smooth and accurate blend was a primary goal of the CG4 and Speedwoofer 10 designs.

Indeed, I found the combo easy to balance. As predicted, a 100-Hz crossover setting sounded best, and the CG4s proved more tolerant of placement than usual. Moving them a foot or so forward or back, or a bit higher or lower, did not significantly impact their sound — a good thing.