SVS SCS-02(M) Speaker System HT Labs Measures

HT Labs Measures

L/C/R Sensitivity: 85.5 dB from 500 Hz to 2 kHz

Surround Sensitivity: 86 dB from 500 Hz to 2 kHz

This graph shows the quasi-anechoic (employing close-miking of all woofers) frequency response of the SCS-02 L/C/R (purple trace), SB12-NSD subwoofer (blue trace), and SSS-02 surround (red trace). All passive loudspeakers were measured with grills at a distance of 1 meter with a 2.83-volt input and scaled for display purposes.

The SCS-02’s listening-window response (a five-point average of axial and +/–15-degree horizontal and vertical responses) measures +4.94/–2.05 decibels from 200 hertz to 10 kilohertz. In horizontal mode, an average of axial and +/–15-degree horizontal responses measures +4.92/–3.08 dB from 200 Hz to 10 kHz. The –3dB point is at 75 Hz, and the –6dB point is at 62 Hz. Impedance reaches a minimum of 7.12 ohms at 4.7 kHz and a phase angle of –41.00 degrees at 2.2 kHz.

The SSS-02’s three-face averaged response measures +3.16/–2.91 dB from 200 Hz to 10 kHz. The –3dB point is at 84 Hz, and the –6dB point is at 70 Hz. Impedance reaches a minimum of 5.62 ohms at 992 Hz and a phase angle of –57.77 degrees at 111 Hz.

The SB12-NSD’s close-miked response, normalized to the level at 80 Hz, indicates that the lower –3dB point is at 22 Hz and the –6dB point is at 20 Hz. The upper –3dB point is at 216 Hz with the Low Pass control set to maximum.—MJP

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I am not a lover of D'Apps. for the main left and right speakers. I have a pair of Old Garrards that I tried in this fashion. I just do not think they were "right" Now of course this may be dependent on the positions of these types of speaker relative to ear level which in my mind would take some real experimentation. To confuse the issue of the SVS is the fact that the tweeter of the left/right speaker is a design that is not in line with the woofers as many D'Apps. are. The photo shows the tweeters facing towards each other on stands. You could call this a mirror image. I would switch the L/R speaker to see if they should be more opposite each other. Again this is a mirror image. The problem I have with mirror image of these types is that to my ears the phasing of the speakers or the whole surround system could be out of wack.

There is another factor that I never seem to hear of anyone testing. What wiring scheme is used in those speakers relative to the woofers. Some clowns put 2 four ohm speakers in series to make 8 ohms. This could make an awful sounding L/R speaker. The right thing is to wire two 12 to 16 ohm woofers in parallel. Your impedance will be 6 to 8 ohms and your speakers at the very least will phase correctly with the system. Fortunately those old Garrards were wired the latter way and have made a good center channel speaker for my system.

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Hi Mark,

I noticed you rated the performance of this system as moderate. What alternative would you suggest around the same price? Also, can you explain to me what exactly it was that led you to rate the performance as moderate? Also, I am just beginning to learn more about the wonderful world of audio. Thanks in advance.

Mark Fleischmann's picture
"Not terribly revealing" was one of the phrases I used. There are several other descriptions that point in roughly the same direction. For alternatives you should look to our Top Picks. One item within a few hundred dollars of the SVS system is the RSL 5.1 Theater system. The speakers are smaller but due to their enclosure design they still have some bass response. In general I hesitate to make this kind of A-vs.-B comparison in the comments section because it disserves all the manufacturers as well as the reader himself. Read the review text, check the measurements, and to the extent possible, hear the products with your own ears. Both SVS and RSL both have generous money-back return policies which enable you to try their speakers in your own home for several weeks before making a permanent commitment.
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Mark, I appreciate the advice, which I will most definitely take.