Stereophile Guide to Home Theater hatches a website!

The last few years have witnessed a revolution in how we watch movies at home. Likewise, the Internet has forever changed the way we track down information around the world. Because SGHT covers the former, it only makes sense that to do it well, we should use the latter.

And so the curtain is going up, and we now welcome you to the official Stereophile Guide to Home Theater website!

Realizing that no website is ever in a final state, we will be continually evolving this online publication. Critical to the success of the site will be your feedback and ideas. Send comments anytime to Jon Iverson, or participate in one of our interactive forums.

Each week, we'll report on significant home-theater developments: emerging technologies, important product announcements, company updates, and standards battles. When things get hot, we'll have up-to-the-minute coverage of events. Special attention will be given to reporting on the inexorable integration of computers into the entertainment environment. If you've got news that may be of interest to SGHT online, send it to

We've discovered that many of you have strong opinions about home-theater-related formats, technologies, regulatory politics, and film releases. The Soapbox page is the place for you to sound off. Submit a 200- to 300-word rant, or respond to the current posting. It doesn't matter if we think you're right or wrong---what counts is how you express your thoughts. And speaking of expression, click over to the Vote! page each week to weigh in on the current topic. We'll be posting past results to the site, along with various comments.

Use the searchable index to harness the power of our back-issue database and find out what products were reviewed by who in what issue of both SGHT and Stereophile. From there, you can easily connect to a back issue order page and have the results mailed to your door. We also have a custom search engine for combing the website for home-theater-related topics.

If you prefer the convenience (and paper-saving benefit) of web commerce, you'll find our subscription web pages handy. Fill out the online forms to start or renew a subscription to any of our magazines. You can also use the site to send a gift subscription, register a change of address, or report a missing issue. Also, why not order one of our cool SGHT T-shirts, or place a classified ad in the paper edition.

Those looking for home-theater-related trade shows, conferences, and consumer happenings will find a select list on our Events page. This roster is continually updated as the announcements roll in, and will provide links to the appropriate websites where possible for easy registration.

This site provides all the contact particulars to SGHT, including e-mail addresses and phone numbers where appropriate. And for folks who are new to the magazine, we've included some background intelligence about why we're here and where we're going, as well as background on a few of our writers.

Websites are best when they continually evolve with input from users. Let us know what you think and what you'd like to see, and we'll work at creating the ultimate home-theater resource on the planet.