Sony VPL-VW995ES LCOS Projector Review Test Bench

Test Bench

Full-On/Full-Off Contrast Ratio: 19,000:1

Measurement were taken in a variety of conditions with the bulk using the Reference preset. The selected gamma preset was 2.4. All calibration was done with the dynamic laser disabled and the contrast ratio measurements taken in a variety of modes as noted. Calibration work was done using a Colorimetry Research CR100 colorimeter profiled to a Jeti Specbos 1211 spectroradiometer via CalMan 2018. All viewing and measurements were done on a 140-inch diagonal 2.35:1 Stewart Studiotek 100 screen (1.0 gain).

Full on/off contrast was measured with a Minolta T-10 meter from 4 inches away from the lens face. I tested the projector at various laser levels using a range of dynamic laser setttings.


The RGB tables were captured from a calibration workflow in CalMan 2018. SDR calibration was measured with REC. 709 and BT.1886 targets.

The color gamut of the VPL-VW995ES in REC. 709 was nearly spot on with no value exceeding a Delta E of 3. No color management system adjustments were needed after the grayscale was dialed in, with all colors measuring below a dE of 2. Luminance and Saturation values throughout the inner gamut were also very accurate.–KRD

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At half the Price of SONY's 995, JVC NX9 will likely be an overall winner in a comparison shootout.
I suspect the 995ES produces a more detailed crisp image (due mostly to the high quality lens). The NX9 will likely have superior black level and contrast than the Sony.

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Hello, My review of the NX9 has been published and provides a few comparisons. The lens quality of both of these models is fantastic. I would put them neck and neck for sure, though I'm sure at times there would be slight differences due to sample differences. Both have impeccable pixel focus and better consistency across the screen than their counterparts at lower price points.
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This looks exactly like my 9 year old Sony projector. I bet if I bought it and replaced mine with it, my wife would never notice the difference. Maybe I could switch the two out in a show room somewhere, might be worth a shot. The guys at Best Buy are so dense, they might never catch on. I really miss qualified AV help when I buy things.

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What did I heard is you can get 2100 lum only in Bright Cine mode, get around 1600 lum even set 100% light output in others mode. Don't know is it correct.

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This is typically the case with ALL projectors. Rated lumen output is usually based on a "high bright" mode that is far from correct for white balance (typically really blue). When I report the peak light output I saw on my screen in my reviews, it is based on the mode that gives the closest accurate white balance out of the box (in the case of the Sony, that is the Reference picture mode with D6500). Hope this helps!