Sony OLED TV Nets DEG Excellence in 4K Award

Sony’s Bravia XBRA1E OLED Ultra HD TV left last week’s CES confab with an Excellence in 4K Product Award from the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG), one of three awards presented.

DEG leaders nominated awards candidates “focused on innovations that generated significant new trends in home and mobile entertainment” and awards were selected by a panel of reviewers from home theater enthusiast and business publications.

The TV, a Sound & Vision 2017 Top Pick, was cited for delivering “outstanding audio/video performance, convenience and versatility” on a consistent basis.

On the content side, Blade Runner: The Final Cut 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment received the DEG’s Excellence in 4K UHD Content Award for demonstrating excellence in 4K image capturing/transferring, HDR encoding, wide color rendering, and immersive (object-based) audio.

The first Emiel N. Petrone Innovation in Entertainment Technology Award, created to “recognize a technology development released in calendar 2017 that has created new opportunities for the home entertainment industry,” was presented to Movies Anywhere. Voters recognized Movies Anywhere as "the best innovation we've had in years, with huge potential to come" and "this year's innovation that has the best chance of transforming our industry."

Movies Anywhere is the industry initiative that brought together films from five major studios (Sony Pictures Entertainment, The Walt Disney Studios - encompassing Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, Twentieth Century Fox Film, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment) with four key digital retailers (Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes and Vudu) to “deliver unprecedented access and next-level compatibility to the digital movie experience, syncing users' libraries across their connected accounts.”

"As home entertainment consumers increasingly demand enriched visual and audio experiences, delivered in a more convenient and frictionless way than ever before, DEG member companies are moving quickly to not only meet their needs, but to introduce them to new possibilities," said Amy Jo Smith, DEG president and CEO. "DEG is delighted to recognize Sony Electronics and Warner Bros. as purveyors of best-in-class 4K UHD for the home, and Movies Anywhere as a model of seamless content delivery perfectly positioned for the future."

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brenro's picture

Hard to take these awards seriously when in these very pages and virtually every other review out there the Sony OLED took a back seat to the black levels and shadow detail of LG's TV and they still manage to charge an extra thousand dollars for it.

Bosshog7_2000's picture

What reviews were you reading? I own an LG C7 and it is the best TV I've ever owned. That said, what I've read the Sony OLED had slightly better image processing but I was not going to spend an extra $1000 for that.

brenro's picture

Who hasn't rated the LG's better?

hk2000's picture

Most are subjective opinions anyway, but if given a choice of processing done by Sony or LG/Samsung, I'd take the Sony in a heartbeat.

brenro's picture

Who makes the actual panel and has learned how to get the most out of them? The 2018 sets look like they'll set themselves apart even more. Sony hasn't been on top since before the plasma era.