Sony DVP-S9000ES Combines Progressive-scan DVD with SACD Audio

Movies or music? Sony has solved this dilemma with its new Sony DVP-S9000ES, an all-purpose disc spinner that offers progressive-scan video with Super Audio CD capability. Not only will the machine output flicker-free 480p video, it will also play standard music CDs, CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. Such versatility enables home theater fans to get the most from their present music and film libraries while being prepared for the future.

Picture quality should be excellent with the new player. The DVP-S9000ES has a 12-bit, 54 MHz video digital-to-analog converter and several proprietary digital signal-processing circuits to enhance picture quality. Separate DSP circuits minimize field noise and motion artifacts without dulling the sharpness of the picture. The DVP-S9000ES will output both progressive and interlaced signals for compatibility with almost any type of display.

What's the secret? Sony marketing executive Vic Pacor says it's his company's new MPEG image processor. "It utilizes proprietary motion detection and cancellation technologies, as well as separate algorithms for both video and film-originated DVDs," Pacor explains. "This helps achieve the highest quality 480 progressive video available without the flicker or other artifacts associated with other pull-down methods."

Super Audio CD is a new high-resolution audio format developed jointly by Sony and Philips Electronics, offering a phenomenal degree of detail, transparency, and dynamic musicality without the harshness and grain common to the standard CD format. Your present CD library won't become obsolete however: the DVP-S9000ES will play all the discs you already own, the discs you are likely to buy, and the discs you make, including CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. The new machine will appear at Sony ES-authorized dealers in November at a suggested retail price of $1,500.