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The results of last week’s reader survey are in. We asked if you watch movies or TV on a phone or tablet and the overwhelming consensus was… heck no!
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Joining in on the recent “back to hi-fi” trend sweeping across the A/V industry, Yamaha is adding a new flagship integrated amplifier and CD/SACD player to its hi-fi lineup. The retro-styled A-S3000 amp ($8,000) and CD-S3000 player ($7,000) will be available in retail stores in September.
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Severtson Screens, the U.S.-based manufacturer of projection screens for home theater and professional applications, has introduced the SēVision 3D GX curved screen—the only acoustically transparent home theater screen offering the company’s PristiVue silver optical coating for passive 3D viewing.
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Marantz has expanded its audiophile-focused line of stereo components with the PM6005 integrated amplifier ($699) and the CD6005 CD player ($499).

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You know that old saying, “Life begins after 40”? Well, it’s true. That’s because it’s the exact moment when you become aware of your own mortality. In your twenties and thirties, you’re still technically invincible as far as you’re concerned and blissfully naive, but when 40 hits, it’s “Holy crap, I’m gonna die!” Suddenly you’re on numerous prescription medications and seeing far more of your doctor than you’d like; proctology exams, mammograms, prostate checks, pap smears, the works.
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Samsung Electronics America today announced the U.S. availability of its first-ever curved OLED TV. The 55-inch KN55S9C is shipping to specialty retailers nationwide and will carry a suggested retail price of $9,000.

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It might be time to dust off your old turntable. Good old two-channel stereo is the focus of Onkyo’s latest receiver, the $199 TX-8020. The 2 x 50-watt model recalls the simplicity audio’s heyday with an all-metal front-panel and chassis, five analog inputs, an AM/FM tuner, a moving-magnet phono stage for playing vinyl records, and controls for bass, treble and balance. You won’t find any video switching on this puppy.

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TCL (The Creative Life), a Hong Kong-based multibillion dollar TV manufacturing company, today announced that it will begin selling a 50-inch Ultra HD LCD TV in September for $999, which would make it the least expensive Ultra HD, or 4K, TV on the market. The Ultra HD designation refers to a display resolution of at least eight million active pixels (3,840 x 2,160), which is four times the number of pixels found in standard HDTVs.