Marantz Targets Audiophiles with Integrated Amp and CD Player

Marantz has expanded its audiophile-focused line of stereo components with the PM6005 integrated amplifier ($699) and the CD6005 CD player ($499).
An update of the PM6004 integrated amp, the PM6005 is rated to deliver 2 x 45 watts into 8 ohms (2 x 60 into 4 ohms) and features optical and coaxial digital inputs, 24 bit/192 kHz decoding, a high-current power supply, two sets of gold-plated speaker terminals, and a discrete headphone amplifier.
The CD6005 is built around a 24-bit/192 kHz-capable D/A conversion system and offers a front-panel USB port, a discrete headphone amplifier, a remote control that can also operate the matching PM6005 amplifier, and compatibility with a range of file types, including WAV, AAC, WMA, and MP3. Digital audio circuitry is housed in its own shielded subsection and the player’s center-mount CD mechanism is securely fastened to the chassis to minimize vibrations, according to the company.

Both models are covered by a three-year warranty for parts and labor and incorporate Marantz’s Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module (HDAM) technology, which employs discrete circuit elements in the D/A and analog output sections instead of the more common IC-based op-amps.