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Rediscovering America with Van Dyke Parks plus a Smashing Pumpkins box set, an Otis Redding archival release, and new releases from Julian Cope, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Justin Roberts, and more.
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Super-Thin, Curved Screen Model Launched at Best Buy’s Magnolia Design Center

In a surprise move, LG Electronics announced yesterday that the first OLED TV in the U.S. is being offered for sale at Best Buy’s flagship Magnolia Design Center store in Richfield, MN.

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Kaleidescape today introduced the Cinema One movie server, its first product designed for retail distribution. The $3,995 server provides storage and instant access to up to 100 high-definition Blu-ray or 600 DVD-quality movies. Until now, the company made products that were available only through custom installers.
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Marantz today announced that it is adding two models to its M-CR Series of wireless network receivers. The M-CR510 and M-CR610 support internet radio, music streaming services, and content from home networks, mobile devices and other sources. Both models are available now at $599 and $699, respectively.

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Amar G. Bose, the MIT-educated electrical engineer who founded Bose Corp. in 1964 and built it into a private multi-billion-dollar empire spanning home, personal, professional, and automotive audio products, died Friday July 12. He was 83.
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Indy Audio Labs, parent company of the high-performance audio brands, Aragon and Acurus, plans to launch a line of Web-enabled preamps and home theater processors later this year. Positioned as “the first separate preamps and pre-pros designed to meet the needs and expectations of today’s mobile generation, the line is based on Indy’s Enhanced Ethernet Control (E2C), which enables the components to talk to other devices on a home network.
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55- and 65-inch Models Available for Pre-Order July 21

Samsung’s next wave of 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TVs will be part of a new F9000 line offering 55- and 65-inch models. Available for pre-order starting July 21, the models are expected to sell for $5,500 and $7,500, respectively, when they hit stores in early August.

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Bowers & Wilkins, better known as B&W, has announced a new flagship model for its CM Series of speakers. The CM10 is the first speaker in the series to use the tweeter-on-top design pioneered in the acclaimed 800 Series and will be available in August for $4,000 a pair.
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3D was largely shrugged off in last week’s Home Theater poll. In response to the question “What’s your take on 3DTV,” more than half of respondents (61%) selected “I don’t care about 3D one way or the other” (45%) or “I couldn’t care less…” (12% for owners of active 3D TVs and 4% for owners of passive 3D TVs). Only 13% reported “loving” 3D, while 20% said they watch 3D programs occasionally. Wearing glasses is apparently not an issue for those who like 3D: Only 5% of respondents chose “3D glasses drive me crazy.” And if you're on the fence and looking for a 3D movie to check out, Oz the Great and Powerful was singled out as an exemplary example of 3D in action. Here’s a complete breakdown of the survey results...
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Inaugural Product Connects Handheld Devices to Any Audio System

Canadian high-tech startup Mass Fidelity has introduced its first product—the $199 Relay wireless hi-fi receiver.

The receiver streams music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device to any audio system and is said to deliver audiophile-grade performance thanks to proprietary topography and firmware and the use of premium components such as a Burr-Brown digital-to-audio converter.