Acurus to Introduce Made-in-USA Preamps Designed for the Mobile Generation

Indy Audio Labs, parent company of the high-performance audio brands, Aragon and Acurus, plans to launch a line of Web-enabled preamps and home theater processors later this year. Positioned as “the first separate preamps and pre-pros designed to meet the needs and expectations of today’s mobile generation," the line is based on Indy’s Enhanced Ethernet Control (E2C), which enables the components to talk to other devices on a home network.

The Acurus ACT-4 7.1-channel home theater pre-amp/processor is expected to be the first product in the new line, which will be unveiled at the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo in late September. Retail price has been set at $3,999.

“People today are accustomed to rich UI experiences on their smartphones, tablets, and in their vehicles," said Ted Moore, the company’s chief technology officer. “Even special-purpose devices like thermostats and refrigerators have attractive, intuitive, Web-based interfaces. While many competitors in home A/V still rely on antiquated two-line character displays, today’s customers expect much more, especially from a piece of high-end gear. We’ve integrated a front-panel touch screen that more closely resembles a mobile phone with full-color graphics and simple-to-comprehend icons.”

Indy Audio Labs acquired the Aragon and Acurus audio brands in 2009.

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24 year old doctors finally have a pre-amp they can relate to.

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Someone must buy this stuff! I have been looking for a pair of Web centric house slippers!

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I like the design, it looks trendy.