Sony Bravia XBR-84X900 3D LCD Ultra HDTV Specs

Type: LCD
Screen Size (diagonal, inches): 84
Native Resolution: 3840 x 2160
3D: Yes (passive glasses)
Backlight: LED edge-lit with local dimming
Wall Mount or Stand Included: Floor and tabletop stands
Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 76 x 44.75 x 3.25 (without stand); 76 x 59.5 x 22.5 (with floor stand)
Weight (pounds): 160.2 (without stand); 215.7 (with floor stand)
Price: $25,000

Video Inputs: HDMI (4, 4K on HDMI 2 and 3), PC D-sub 15-pin analog RGB (1), component video (1), composite video (2, 1 shared), cable/antenna (1)
Audio Inputs: Stereo analog (2), PC/HDMI (L/R minijack, common with HDMI 3)
Audio Outputs: Optical digital (1), headphones (1, analog)
Additional: USB/DLNA (2), LAN, Audio Return Channel (ARC) on HDMI 1, RS-232C (1)

Company Info
(877) 865-7669

Paul 3D's picture

Thanks tom good article. Good to hear upscaling of blu ray's not a problem. Being able to watch full 1080p 3d with passive glasses is awesome.

leergoodspeed's picture

very impressive

notabadname's picture

I am already a huge fan of passive 3D. Can't wait to hear the impressions of the same reviewer with the LG version, which can be found for as little as $13,900 now. I can't imagine the differences will warrant the minimum $4,000 extra that Sony wants for their version. Especially since both are edge-lit.

Ronald32's picture

I don't suppose Y'all will be giving one of these away.

blubber's picture

This would make a super addition to the 65" Sammy ES8000 except we might have a few questions about who gets to watch which TV. I already know the answer to that one and it is not moi. Shucks, I forgot that I have no resources to pay for such a wonderful TV but I can add it to my Bucket Freight Car.

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I very much enjoyed the review. What caught my eye, though, was Sony's use of an IPS panel. I hope Sony will consider using IPS panels for more of its mainline sets. In my opinion, using IPS panels is the one thing that would improve Sony and many other manufacturers' sets the most.