Keep in mind that unit-to-unit variations, viewing environment, source, and screen (in the case of front projectors) might render the settings I used less than optimum on some samples of this display. On the other hand, some parameters should be set to the same values presented here regardless of these factors. In the following list, the parameters that can be set with confidence to the specified values have no asterisk.

Parameters flagged with a single asterisk are likely to require different settings than mine. I encourage you to acquire a display-setup disc such as Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics on Blu-ray or any of the several setup DVDs available and use it to set these controls yourself.

Parameters flagged with a double asterisk are also likely to require different settings than mine, but they should be adjusted only by a qualified technician with the skill and equipment to do the job correctly.

Thanks to Joel Silver, president of the Imaging Science Foundation, for suggesting that I identify the picture controls in this manner.

Image Menu
Mode: User
*Contrast: 39
*Brightness: 39
*Color: 50
*Tint: 50
Sharpness: 1
Noise Reduction: 0
Gamma: Film

  • Curve Type: 7
  • Offset: 5
Color Temp.: Warm
RGB Gain/Bias
  • **Red Gain: 0
  • **Green Gain: 0
  • **Blue Gain: -4
  • **Red Bias: 1
  • **Green Bias: 0
  • **Blue Bias: 1

Display Menu
Format: Native
Overscan: 0
Edge Mask: 0
V Image Shift: 0
V Keystone: 0
SuperWide: Off

System Menu
Lamp Setting

  • Bright Mode: Off
Image AI: Off

Setup Menu
Source Lock: On
Color Space: Auto