Sensory Science Debuts New Video Processor

Sensory Science is upping the ante in the video processor game. On April 12, the Scottsdale, AR-based electronics firm introduced the new CL-2500 Video Processor from its California Audio Labs division. The processor is "a videophile-quality home theater component functioning as both an HDTV-ready video switcher as well as video processor," according to the announcement, and is claimed to "raise the standard in home theater performance and operation."

Retailing for $2500, the Cal Audio CL-2500 VP replaces the CL-2500 Video Switch. The new device is capable of de-interlacing and NTSC video signal and upconverting it by line doubling, tripling, or quadrupling techniques. With the 2500 as an interface, ordinary DVDs with 480I output can be viewed at 480p, 720p, or 960p, in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios. With a 110MHz bandwidth, the 2500 will also pass through all video signals including.1080i (HDTV), without conversion or scaling. All signal paths are optimized for maximum performance, and active circuitry includes dual power supplies, independent transformers, and a filtered IEC AC line connector.

The CL-2500 will work with almost any current video display, including plasma units and and multi-sync computer monitors, and is said to improve images from any source. "The introduction of the new video processor to the CL-2500 Series system provides home theater enthusiasts with unprecedented scalability, creating uncompromising video quality that should satisfy even the most highly discerning eyes," said Paul Fredrickson, Sensory Science's executive v.p. of marketing. "We've engineered the new CL-2500 VP to work seamlessly with virtually all home theater systems, benefiting both dealers and members of the custom installer community. When used as part of the CAL CL-2500 Series system, we firmly believe that videophiles now have the complete home theater package." The CAL CL-2500 is now shipping to Sensory Science dealers nationwide.