Sennheiser Opens Future of Audio Store in NYC

Sennheiser has opened a pop-up store in New York City’s trendy SoHo section to showcase “unique listening experiences, special events, and a chance to explore the audio specialist’s range of innovative audio products.”

Located at 134 Prince Street, the store will be open through the end of February and is only a block away from the upscale showroom Sonos opened in July.

Visitors to the space will be able to audition Sennheiser’s flagship HE I headphone—successor to the legendary Orpheus—AMBEO 3D audio technology, and other wired and wireless headphones.

In the coming days, Sennheiser is also opening the permanent Soundscape showroom at the Westfield World Trade Center in the remarkable Oculus structure at the rebuilt World Trade Center Complex at Ground Zero.

“With both new stores we would like to invite New Yorkers to experience Sennheiser sound firsthand through our products and innovations,” said Guido Karbautzki, senior vice president. “The stores will also host events and activities that will share further aspects of the world of Sennheiser, bringing to life our vision.”

Take a video tour here.

Under a partnership with Roc Nation and Tidal Streaming, Sennheiser will host artist emerging artist showcases at the SoHo store over the next four months, starting with performances by Kevin Garrett and Mayaeni on Thursday, October 27. Events will be announced at

The Sennheiser pop-up store is designed to transport visitors sonically and visually as they enter the space via a “sound tunnel” engineered to increasingly reduce the buzz of the city streets the further you walk into the store (top left in photo). At the end of the tunnel large video screens show the 70-year-old company’s vision to of the future.