Samsung Debuts World's First Dual-mode HDTV-Ready 24" LCD Display

Desktop theater has been taken to a new level by Samsung Electronics with the introduction of the SyncMaster 240T, claimed to be the world's first HDTV-ready 24" analog/digital LCD monitor. The dual-mode analog/digital monitor will debut at the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas, November 13-17.

The 240T offers an "extra-wide" 170-degree viewing angle and an active resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, and includes a full array of inputs for direct connection to computer, DVD player, or camcorder. The new display has an unusual 16:10 aspect ration and is claimed to be HDTV compatible; its static graphics capabilities are said to be astounding, with a 450:1 contrast ratio. Its ultra-fast response time minimizes motion artifacts that degrade the video quality of other LCD displays. "The SyncMaster 240T illustrates Samsung's commitment to push the technology envelope and design creative and innovative products for the digital age," says JM Park, president of Samsung's Digital Information Technology Division.

The unit's Picture-in-Picture feature allows the viewing of a DVD movie or satellite feed while simultaneously working on a computer, or can be used to view any two input sources side-by-side in high-resolution mode, an option that will especially benefit graphic artists. Samsung's proprietary Digital Video Interface (DVI)"ensures optimum image quality without the hassle of end-user adjustments," according to an official company announcement. A digital zoom feature allows viewers to magnify any part of the on-screen image up to 64X. All major screen adjustments can be completed with the 240t's one-button auto calibration system or via the supplied remote control. A USB hub simplifies complex hookups with associated equipment. When used with a computer, the 240T automatically calibrates itself for optimum resolution.

The ultra-bright 240T is also "green," or environmentally friendly, with low levels of radiation. Its power management system meets the "Star Standards" for energy efficiency set by the Environmental Protection Agency. The new display will be jointly marketed with Telemann Systems' HiPix DTV-200 PC card, a device that offers HDTV and surround-sound decoding.