Samsung Broadcasts 8K Over the Air

Samsung and Korean satellite broadcaster KT SkyLife teamed up last week to demonstrate the commercial viability of broadcasting 8K video via satellite and over the air at 100 megabits per second (Mbps), according to news reports out of Korea.

The companies used H.265 compression, successor to the widely used H.264 standard, to broadcast 8K signals over the Ka satellite band to an antenna that received, decoded, and transmitted images in real-time to an 82-inch Samsung QLED TV through an HDMI connection.

Samsung shipped the first 8K TV in Korea last fall and sells its Q900 Series QLED 8K TVs in the U.S. in screen sizes ranging from 55 inches ($3,000) to 98 inches ($70,000).

The company has taken an aggressive stance with plans to maximize 8K sales through “close cooperation with retail partners and cementing the 8K leadership by positioning QLED 8K TVs as mainstream TVs,” according to the company’s second quarter 2019 earnings statement.

LG is also shipping 8K TVs in Korea and will soon offer an 88-inch 8K OLED model in the U.S.

John_Werner's picture

How come my Uverse has so many artifacts at only 1080i? My mother-in-law has Spectrum and it looks no better. If 4K is even going to take off the quality will need to be fixed of the source material's delivery to the home. In the US we still lag in average household internet speed which may be a huge problem going into 4K let alone 8K which is an absolute pipe dream for the foreseeable future.

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As a resident of Sweden I have a 10Gb Internet connection and wonder why streaming quality is still so low. I guess we have to wait until the US catches up in Internet speeds until streaming quality improves.

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Before I'm old would be nice. Is the US behind the eight ball in everything?