The Rolling Stones Catalog Comes to HDTracks.

It was kind of a big deal with The Beatles finally made their way onto the ever-growing digital music behemoth that is iTunes, but we find this news just as, um, satisfying. Starting this week, 27 Stones records will be finding their way onto the audiophile music service, The tracks have been pulled from remasters that were originally created for and released on SACD in the early 2000s.

More albums will be rolling out on the first of each month until they're all up and ready for download. The first batch includes The Rolling Stones, The Rolling Stones No. 2, 12 X 5, Big Hits, and Through the Past Darkly. Each is available in 88kHz/24bit and 176kHz/24bit FLAC for $19.98 and $29.98 respectively.

So, while there's some talk of the digital big boys like iTunes and Amazon getting into the 24-bit game, it's great to see such a legendary band throwing their support behind audiophile grade tracks.