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The other trilogy has already been available on Blu-ray for some time, but it seems the release of the extended Lord of the Rings trilogy is finally almost upon us. Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for $90.

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It was kind of a big deal with The Beatles finally made their way onto the ever-growing digital music behemoth that is iTunes, but we find this news just as, um, satisfying. Starting this week, 27 Stones records will be finding their way onto the audiophile music service, The tracks have been pulled from remasters that were originally created for and released on SACD in the early 2000s.

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I've been a subscriber to Amazon's Prime service for a while now for the free shipping it affords. But now there's a new reason to sign up in the form of a full-on free streaming media service not unlike the one offered by Netflix.

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Criterion has proven time and time again that they can do incredible things regardless of media. Now, they're expanding their streaming efforts (some of their titles are already available on Netflix's intant option) with the help of Hulu's pay subscription service.

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We managed to catch the trailer for the upcoming release of the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray out at CES. During the presentation, which was put on by Panasonic, they marched out an Amazon exec to announce that pre-orders were going live, but there was still no release date to be had.

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It's clear that when Monster found out they had 45 minutes for their press conference here at CES, they took it as a challenge to see just how many new products they could cram into that time period. The results were impressively prolific, including everything from slightly lowered HDMI cable prices (their cheapest model is now $30) to a line of car cleaning products made in conjunction with West Coast Customs. Rather than bombarding you with the whole pile, here are some of the products that caught our interest.

The Monster Vision 3D Glasses

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Las Vegas- Toshiba isn't throwing a press conference here at CES 2011, but they did bring along one of their glasses-free 3DTVs and I got a chance to check it out at a party last night. The panel was set about 6 feet behind a velvet rope with three pieces of gaffer's tape carefully arranged to denote the positions from which the 3D effect would be visible.

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Try having a conversation with someone about 3DTV without hearing how much they hate wearing the required glasses. Go ahead. We'll wait. Whle Vizio hasn't been able to completely solve the eyewear problem, they have made the whole ordeal somewhat cheaper. Unlike most of its competitors, the XVT3D650SV uses uses passive, polarized glasses instead of the pricier and often more cumbersome active shutter specs.