'Gimme Shelter' Isolated Studio Tracks Posted on Youtube

Some songs you've heard so many times that it's hard to imagine a way to experience in a whole new way, but that's exactly what these isolated studio tracks of the Rolling Stones' classic, "Gimme Shelter" achieve. There are five videos in total. The first has all of the vocal work done by Mick and Merry Clayton. There are also two guitar tracks, Bill Wyman's guitar track and a drum track by Charlie Watts.

When played individually, you can pick out imperfections that you might not otherwise notice with the final mix. But, there are some pieces that will make Stones fans get goosebumps. Personally, I wouldn't mind putting on the rhythm guitar track as good background music for getting work done.

Of course, this post wouldn't be complete without lamenting that these have to be enjoyed in awful Youtube sound quality. But, there are likely hi-fi versions out there somewhere. We want them.

From: Dangerous Minds