Star Wars Trilogy Hitting Blu-ray September 27th According to Amazon

We managed to catch the trailer for the upcoming release of the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray out at CES. During the presentation, which was put on by Panasonic, they marched out an Amazon exec to announce that pre-orders were going live, but there was still no release date to be had. Now, the online retail giant has updated their pre-release page with the following text: "This title will be released on September 27, 2011."

While there haven't been any official press releases (that we know of) on the subject, Amazon seems pretty sure that they'll be sending out those beautiful Blu discs in September. Frankly, it seems like kind of a long time to wait, especially for those who have already pre-ordered. But, when you have waited this long, what's another couple months?

Until then, we can all go back to wondering when the Lord of the Rings extended editions will make their way into our Blu-ray players. Rumor has it they're coming in 2011, which could make for one heck of a nerd-off should the dates be too close to each other.