Vizio Introduces 65-Inch Theater Razor 3D TV With Passive Glasses

Try having a conversation with someone about 3DTV without hearing how much they hate wearing the required glasses. Go ahead. We'll wait. Whle Vizio hasn't been able to completely solve the eyewear problem, they have made the whole ordeal somewhat cheaper. Unlike most of its competitors, the XVT3D650SV uses uses passive, polarized glasses instead of the pricier and often more cumbersome active shutter specs.

Aside from being cheaper and ligther than active shutter eyewear, Vizio also claims that the passive glasses provide a 50% brighter picture while severely combatting crosstalk and flicker. It's built to support a wide range of the most common 3D formats across Blu-ray and cable TV channels as well as SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D.

The downside is that moving the 3D processing into the TV means the 3D resolution tops out at 540p. Though, many claim the difference in resolution should be almost imperceptable at the proper viewing distance. There's also the price, which drops in at $3,500, making it easily one of the priciest models in Vizio's line-up.

When it comes to the other specs, you can expect to find a 120 Hz, edge-lit LED panel with built-in Dual-Band 802.11n Wi-Fi for accessing Vizio Internet Apps. Two speakers handle the audio, providing simulated surround with SRS TruSurround HD tech.

The set will start hitting shelves of most local warehouse club stores for $3,500 before the end of the month.