ReplayTV's New Video Recorder Has 60-hour Capacity

Too much is never enough for some videophiles. If you count yourself among them, ReplayTV has just the ticket for you: its new 3060 digital video recorder, boasting a 60-hour capacity with a single disc drive.

The new DVR is built around a Maxtor DiamondMax 60GB hard disk drive, said to reduce power consumption and produce less heat than dual-drive designs. ReplayTV engineers claim that the large capacity drive eliminates the need for upgrades such as those that have been made to earlier DVRs to increase their recording capacity. 60 hours is twice the recording potential of any DVR on the market today.

Priced at $799, the 3060 will ship in a few weeks from Mountain View, Ca-based ReplayTV. Purchasers will receive the ReplayTV service at no extra charge, according to a company announcement.