RBH Celebrates 45 Years with $45K Reference System

Utah-based audio specialist RBH Sound has unveiled a limited-edition audio system to commemorate 45 years in business.

RBH says it plans to build only 20 of the SVTRS reference system, which was unveiled over the weekend at the Florida Audio Expo.

Developed for those seeking an “unparalleled reference-grade audiophile experience,” the system tips the scales at a cool 45 grand and comprises two formidable SVTRS modular tower speakers, a 6α six-channel Class D amplifier, and a digital signal processor (DSP)/speaker controller from Italy’s Marani (not shown).

Each SVTRS tower stands 7.5-feet tall and is made up of three interlocking modules: an SV-831R speaker featuring three proprietary 8-inch aluminum-cone woofers and an AMT (air motion transformer) ribbon tweeter from China’s Aurum Cantus with an SV-1212NR subwoofer housing two proprietary 12-inch aluminum-cone drivers above and below. Each tower weighs more than 300 pounds and is rated down to 17 Hz (±3 dB) with sensitivity rating of 94 dB (1 watt @ 1 meter).

Continuing with the 45th anniversary theme, RBH’s 6α amplifier is designed to “work seamlessly with the Marani processor” and pumps out a total of — you guessed it — 4,500 watts: 2 x 250 watts to the tweeters, 2 x 500 watts to the 8-inch woofers, and a whopping 2 x 1,500 to the 12-inch drivers.

RBH points out that mating the amplifier with Marani’s highly configurable processor frees the speakers of “power-robbing passive crossover components.” The processor boasts digital crossover networks with slopes of up to 108 dB/octave and finite impulse response (FIR) filters that correct phase and frequency response errors.

The system demonstrated in Florida was driven by RBH’s eight-channel 8α amplifier, which included provisions for an SV-821CR center-channel speaker.

Every SVTRS system includes delivery, setup, and on-site calibration by a member of RBH’s staff.

For more information, please visit rbhsound.com.

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I was present at the demo of the reference RBH this past weekend at the Florida Expo. They are about bass and dynamic power. Just their size is imposing the sound overwhelms most rooms. Don't get me wrong they sound ok for music,but not great. At the same expo, I was wowed by Wilson Audio Sasha Daw ($38,000). Now those are true audiophile speakers

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do you mean the sasha daw sound much better than the rbh one?