Polk RTi Series Speakers: Many Mix/match Options

If there's anything home theater fans want in loudspeakers, it's high performance per dollar, easy of system design, and a clear upgrade path.

Polk Audio has addressed all three of these parameters very effectively in the new RTi series of speakers, ranging from the bookshelf-size RTi28 to the full-range floorstanding RT3000p. At each price point, the company's designers have included the best drivers available. Woofers and midrange drivers are "reformulated poly-composite 'Dynamic Balance' drivers with butyl rubber surrounds for durability and smooth wide range response," according to a company announcement. Tweeters are 1" silk/polymer composite domes.

RTi series speakers feature other refinements characteristic of audiophile equipment: two pairs of large gold-plated four way binding posts for bi-amping or bi-wiring, mylar bypass capacitors in the crossover networks, adjustable leveling feet, and real wood veneers---your choice of Cherry or Black Oak.

Polk makes system design easy---whether for the size of your room or the size of your budget---with "recommended system" charts that combine various RTi models for front left/right, center, surround, and subwoofer duties. Each recommended system has a price (US or Canadian), and the upgrade path is clear. A basic system using four RTi38 bookshelf speakers in the front left/right and surround positions could be upgraded by changing the front pair to the RTi100, for example. Polk also makes several self-powered subwoofers to get the bass just right in your room

Prices range from $164.95US for the RTi28 to $589.95 for the RTi100. The top-of-the line RT3000p speakers list for $1799.95 each. All the RTi models are available now at Polk dealers. Readers can learn more by visiting the Polk Audio website.