Outlaw Audio LFM-1

Outlaw Audio is now shipping its affordable high-performance subwoofer, the LFM-1. The $579 powered sub won high praise at introduction late last year, causing an unexpected demand. The Easton, MA-based manufacturer has completed production runs and should be able to fulfill all orders, according to a recent news posting.

The LMF-1features a long-throw 12" downward-firing driver aided by two large ports for deep bass extension. Frequency Response is specified at 25Hz. -180Hz. +/- 2 dB, with SPL rated at 115dB. Amplifier is a built-in "BASH" powerhouse claimed capable of 325wrms continuous operation and 1300W peaks. The downward-firing arrangement is said to reduce room boundary problems typically encountered with side-firing subs.

The crossover type is a Linkwitz-Reilly 4th order low -pass network; the crossover frequency is adjustable on the back panel, from 40Hz to 180Hz, making the LFM-1 compatible with most types of loudspeakers with which it is likely to be matched. A phase switch lets the user invert the polarity of the subwoofer's output, thereby simplifying room placement of the LFM-1. A crossover bypass function yields bass management functions to your AV surround processor or home theater receiver.

Input is via stereo speaker-level connectors or a single RCA jack. Level is adjustable via a potentiometer on the back panel, which also features a master on/off switch and detachable power cord. A signal-sensing circuit enables automatic power on when movies or music are cued up, and puts the LFM-1 into standby mode once the signal fades.

The LFM-1 stands on four large cones rather than rubber feet or slim spikes, a nice touch at this price point. The sturdy glossy black cabinet measures 21.75" H x 15.0" W x 22.0" D and has a smoked Plexiglas top. Weight is 58 lbs. For action movie fans who just can't get enough low-end reinforcement, Outlaw offers a price discount of $999 for a pair of LFM-1's.