Optoma H79 DLP Projector Review System

Review System

Lexicon RT-20 universal player
Meridian 598 DVD-A player
Samsung SIR-T165 DirecTV receiver
SIM2 Millennium 800 7" CRT projector
Meridian 800 audio/video processor
Lexicon MC-12 audio/video processor
Power Amps
Pass Labs X-3
Bel Canto EVO 2
Bryston Powerpack 120
Edge Electronics AV-6
Dunlavy SC-VI (front left and right)
Dunlavy SC-VIA (center)
Dunlavy SC-IA (rears)
Genesis 2-15 Subwoofer
Earthquake SuperNova 15-IV
M&K MX-700
Genesis 6.1 (front left and right)
Genesis 6.1 C (center)
Genesis 6.1LR (rears)
Genesis 2-15 Subwoofer
Genesis 4-8 Subwoofer
Synergistic Research Designer's Reference powered interconnects
Synergistic Research Resolution Reference powered speaker cables
VideoQuest S-1 S-video and VSB-1 RCA/coaxial video cables
Wireworld Starlight 5 HDMI-to-DVI cable
Monster Power Center 5000 power conditioner
Monster AVS 2000 voltage stabilizer
PS Audio Power Plant 300 power conditioner
Camelot Technologies Dragon 5.1 DVD interface box