Next Level Acoustics Unveils Custom Enclosures for Sonos Beam Soundbar

Next Level Acoustics, a Boston-based maker of speaker systems and accessories, has introduced a line of add-ons designed to enhance Sonos’ Beam wireless soundbar.

The new Elite Series Light comprises a mounting bracket and two Sonos Beam Cases custom-built for the Beam: a 48-inch-wide model for use with 55-inch (diagonal) TVs and a 57-inch-wide model for 65-inch TVs. Available in high-gloss black or white, both enclosures are made from MDF and Baltic birch to ensure a rigid construction that’s said to enhance midbass performance. The cabinets also feature an angled side profile to complement flat-panel TVs, a removable magnetic grille, and are designed for full IR (infrared) passthrough so as not to interfere with remote-control operation.

Prices for the Sonos Beam Cases start at $449 and go up according to size and finish.

The enclosures can be mounted directly to the wall or via Next Level’s UM1 bracket ($130) and UM1-B adapter ($40), which allows the soundbar to line up flush with the front edge of the TV screen.

Later this year, the company is also planning to introduce the Fusion SA line of stereo soundbars “expertly tuned” for use with the new Sonos Amp. Prices will start at $1,399 and go up according to size and finish.

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