Nakamichi Hikes Price of Dragon Soundbar but Honors Original Price for First 1,000 Customers

In one of the more unusual press statements we’ve seen from an AV company, Nakamichi today announced that pre-orders for the highly anticipated Dragon 11.4.6 Home Surround System it previewed at CES 2023 will open next week but that the system will carry a higher price tag than originally announced.

The iconic brand, best known for the fabled Dragon cassette decks it produced decades ago, is hiking the price of the Dragon soundbar system to $3,900, up $400 (11%) from the $3,500 price announced at CES, but says it will honor the original price for the first 1,000 customers who place an order when the company begins accepting pre-orders at 9 a.m. PT on August 3.

The latest in a series of high-end soundbar systems from the likes of Devialet, Sennheiser, and others, the Dragon reaches new levels in price, sophistication, and performance. The system supports Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) and is the first wireless system to provide the more expansive DTS:X Pro processing in addition to Dolby Atmos to create a true, object-based 11.4.6 sound field — not via upsampling but natively — from a five-piece setup that puts 31 drivers to work.

The Dragon soundbar system — which includes a 58-inch-wide soundbar that packs 17 drivers and seven digital amplifiers, two subwoofers, and a pair of Atmos surround speakers — a was singled out for an Editor’s Pick at CES 2023 for its ability to “effortlessly create a seamless sound bubble of envelopment.”

Nakamichi issued the following statement to explain the price move:

Nakamichi has made a significant decision regarding the pricing of Dragon. After a thorough evaluation of our production and shipping processes, we have determined that a price increase is necessary. We will continue to honor the current preorder pricing of $3499.99 for 1000 units, while supplies last. After the 1000 units, Dragon will be available at a new retail price of $3899.99. This pricing adjustment is implemented with the objective of addressing the challenges we are currently facing.

In recent months, we have encountered various obstacles that have impacted our production capacity. The intricate nature of Dragon, with over 700 components and a meticulous 110-step hand assembly process across four production lines, has revealed the need for additional labor beyond our initial estimations. Furthermore, our stringent manufacturing requirements have led to a lengthier but vital post-assembly inspection process encompassing mechanical, acoustic, and functional tests. Despite optimizing our throughput to 25 systems per day, these factors have unexpectedly raised the cost of manual labor.

We have recently completely redesigned our packaging for Dragon to ensure compliance with a 12-inch drop test. Each Dragon unit weighs over 140 pounds, and this packaging overhaul is aimed at guaranteeing the utmost protection during transportation. Additionally, we collaborated with freight forwarders to optimize container loading, prioritizing damage prevention during the 30-day ocean voyage to the USA. This involved minimizing box stacking to prevent any potential crushing, which in turn limited the capacity of each 40ft high cube container to only 128 units. While these precautions are crucial for ensuring the safety of our products, they have resulted in significantly higher packaging and shipping expenses.

Therefore, in order to ensure the sustainability of providing Dragon to our esteemed Nakamichi fans, we must take the necessary measures to address these challenges. The price adjustment will enable us to uphold Dragon's production capacity and world-class quality while providing an attractive price-to-performance ratio in the market.

We understand that price adjustments can be a sensitive matter. Rest assured that this decision was made after careful consideration and analysis of producing 500 Dragon systems. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication and commitment to helping us redefine expectations of plug-and-play home theater solutions.

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Although I understand pricing adjustments in this ever inflationary environment, the number of units available at the promised MSRP seems a bit arbitrary. Their website could not handle the traffic for the limited edition, and as such scalpers with automated purchasing code made hay while many Nakamichi fans were left disappointed. According to a statement they released, the demand was for over 2000 units for the limited edition preorder. Knowing this, it's disappointing that they would limit this upcoming preorder to 1000 units at the original price knowing full well that they will leave at minimum 500+ fans who've been waiting (and budgeting) for this in the lurch.
With the already high cost for a soundbar system, I'd suspect that the experience is going to leave a bad taste in the mouths of many fans, and some will simply say "no thank you." To say that I'm a fan would be a bit of an understatement with owning a couple dozen of their vintage products. I might be unique in this sentiment, but with the limited offering, I'd feel like a bait and switch was pulled on me if I couldn't get one this second time around, and I'd just get a competitors system out of principle. Seems that they'd be able to avoid alienating their fans by upping their offering to 1500-2000 units at the original price.

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This unexpected move from the renowned AV company adds an 11% increase, though the original price will be honored for the initial 1,000 orders placed on August 3 at 9 a.m. PT. | best concrete company in Lewisville

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The statement sheds light on the challenges and considerations behind the pricing change and underscores Nakamichi's commitment to delivering a high-quality product to its customers. Cincinnati SEO agency