GoldenEar Stages Compelling In-Wall Surround Demo

On my first visit to GoldenEar’s sound room I listened to the featured attraction — the new BRX bookshelf speaker. But the company was also running an all-in-wall/ceiling Dolby Atmos demo for anyone who asked to hear it.

The $9,500 speaker package — LCR + surrounds + Atmos + two subs — didn't disappoint except for the bass being slightly off in ways you would expect in a prefab sound room.

I was able to use some of my own source material here (a rare option at shows these days) and the result was punchy, dynamic, and uncolored sound that was surprisingly compelling for an in-wall installation. The fronts weren't truly in-wall due to booth limitations, but were instead installed in a false wall, replicating a true in-wall setup as closely as possible.