Mitsubishi VS-45607: Affordable Big Screen

Tired of the slow rollout of HDTV? Got a growing library of DVDs? Been waiting in vain for the appearance of affordable HD displays? If the answer is "Yes," you may wish to tide yourself over with an inexpensive NTSC rear projector.

Mitsubishi's VS-45607 has a lot going for it. Currently on sale at dealers nationwide for approximately $1500, the smallest of the company's Silver Series has a 45" diagonal screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio, with images optimized by Mitsubishi's proprietary Diamond Vision® Optical System. Images are further improved by a 3D-Y/C comb filter circuit for sharp detail, and a dynamic white balance feature for accurate color regardless of brightness level. Mitsubishi's Intelligent Room Illumination Sensor (IRIS™) automatically reduces brightness and contrast for best picture in darkened rooms. A twin tuner picture-in-picture feature allows channel surfing while watching a primary program.

The VS-45607 has three S-video inputs, one in front and two on the rear panel, and a component video input for maximum resolution from DVD sources. Excellent resolution across the entire screen is possible thanks to the 64-point convergence adjustment. The supplied 5-layer remote control will operate almost any brand of VCR, DVD player, AV receiver, and cable or satellite receiver. Weighing 178lbs., the " Black Diamond Gray" cabinet measures approximately four feet tall, just over three feet wide, and slightly under two feet deep---an ideal size for small-to-medium size rooms.