Light and Bright: Toshiba's New LCD Projectors

Despite their excellent capabilities, bulky video projectors haven't achieved huge market penetration because many homeowners object to their size. Toshiba has two solutions: lightweight, portable LCD projectors offering amazing brightness and resolution.

Although intended primarily for the corporate presentation market, the notebook-sized TLP471 and TLP470 are worthy of consideration by serious home theater fans. Both projectors can produce a light intensity of 1200 ANSI lumens, making them among the brightest on the market---capable of displaying images just 22 inches diagonally for small-room use to 25-foot pictures for large audiences. The TLP471 and TLP470 LCD projectors are compatible with all computer, RGB, VCR, and DVD outputs, accepting NTSC, PAL, SECAM and S-Video signals.

Both models feature true SVGA (800 x 600) and XGA (1024 x 768 compressed) display capability. Like all Toshiba LCD projectors, they include image-enhancing and convenience features such as Digital Keystone Correction and freeze-frame capability. A Digital Zoom feature on all models allows users to highlight one particular area of the displayed image and enlarge it for an up-close view; an Overlay feature lets users superimpose one image on another.

Need to move your projector from place to place? Here's the sweet deal: the TLP470 weighs in at just 7.9 pounds; the TLP471, just 9.7 pounds. Both models feature T-ForcMK2 computer interfaces, making them fully compatible with PC workstations.

"The arrival of our first ultra-lightweight 1200 ANSI lumens LCD projectors is a milestone in this industry, and really underscores our overall commitment to providing consumers with the widest variety of high-performance projectors for every application and user," says Toshiba's Sam Malik, national sales and marketing director for the Multimedia Products Group. "When we announced the expansion of our LCD projector line last year, we stated that our goal was to help expand the LCD projector market by introducing unique high-quality products that utilize the most advanced digital display technologies. With the introduction of the TLP471 and the TLP470, we are continuing to build upon that promise."

Available now, the TLP471 and the TLP470 are priced at $5,995.00 and $4,995.00, respectively. Click here for more.