LG Starts Rolling Out 2020 TVs, OLED Leads the Way

LG has started rolling out the 2020 TV lineup it previewed in January at CES.

Among the first models to hit stores will be 14 OLED TVs, 8K models in the ZX series, and LED-backlit LCD 4K Ultra HDTVs. The first wave includes three “minimalist” GX Gallery OLED models in 55-, 65-, and 77-inch screen sizes; the “ultra-thin” TVs — 0.8 inches thick in the case of the 65-inch model — are designed to hug the wall like a piece of art.

Pricing and exact availability were not announced for any of the models.

The first ZX series 8K OLED TVs will include 77- and 88-inch models, which LG is touting as among the first to carry the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) 8K Ultra HD logo, which signifies multiple display parameters beyond pixel count, including the International Display Measurement Standard (IDMS) for 8K contrast modulation (CM).

LG is also rolling out 55-, 65-, and 77-inch models in its CX and BX 4K OLED series, in addition to a new 48-inch screen size in the CX series. Initial TV shipments will also include seven LED-backlit LCD 8K models from the NanoCell series in sizes ranging from 55 to 75 inches; all carry CTA’s 8K logo.

All of 2020 models support the enhanced audio return channel (eARC) and auto low-latency mode (ALLM) for improved audio and smooth, lag-free performance.

LG’s new 8K TVs (and many 2020 OLED models) include LG’s new Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI picture processor and are certified to stream 8K content at 60 frames per second (fps) in addition to supporting the HEVC, VP9, and AV1 codec preferred by YouTube and other major streaming platforms. The company said a software update may be required for these models.

The new OLED TVs feature integrated calibration software and support the UHD Alliance’s Filmmaker Mode and Dolby Vision IQ, an enhanced version of the HDR format that uses light sensors built into the TV to calibrate images based on ambient light conditions in the room.

Among the 2020 OLED TVs are the 12 models that support Nvidia G-Sync technology, which adapts the TV’s refresh rate to the frame rate of connected hardware for enhanced gaming with “low input lag and ultra-fast response time. LG’s 2020 OLED and NanoCell LCD TVs also support HDMI variable refresh rate (VRR) for compatibility with graphics cards and game consoles.

For more information, visit lg.com/us.