LG 47LG60 LCD TV Comparisons & Conclusion

Comparisons & Conclusion
The best comparisons I can make to the 47LG60 are the Samsung LN52A750 ($3200) and Sony KDL-52W4100 ($3000). Of course, these are 52-inch sets, while the 47LG60 is a 47-incher. The 52-inch LG60 lists for $3200, so it's right in the pocket with the other two. If you want to look at it the other way, the 46-inch Sony KDL-46W4100 and Samsung LN46A750 both list for $2400, only $100 more than the 47LG60.

Of the three, I would pick the Samsung for its lower black level and better frame interpolation. The Sony also has better blacks, but its frame interpolation is on par with the LG's. And the LG beats both of them in its potential for a perfect grayscale calibration.

All in all, I really like the LG 47LG60, especially its 10-point calibration system. Yes, I might wish for a few things like a lower black level, a complete CMS, and a less-reflective bezel, but otherwise, the 47LG60 is a fine LCD TV worthy of serious consideration.

Superb detail, even with SD sources
Gorgeous colors
Excellent shadow detail
10-point grayscale-calibration system

High black level
Incomplete color-management system
Inconsistent menu operation
Large, reflective bezel

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I wish I can buy this TV. It's so great

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In addition, do you have any Tv which can play merge fruits?