Klipsch The Fives Powered Speaker System Review Specs

Drivers: 4.5-in fiber-composite cone woofer, horn-loaded 1-in titanium tweeter
Rated Power (watts): 2 x 60 (woofers) + 2 x 20 (tweeters)
Enclosure Type: Ported (rear-firing)
Connections: Bluetooth; 3.5mm analog, switchable RCA/phono analog, optical digital (Toslink), USB Type B digital, and ARC-enabled HDMI inputs; subwoofer line-level output
Accessories Included: Remote control, 13-foot cable for connecting R and L speakers, 5-foot USB Type B-to-Type A cable, 5-foot HDMI cable, power cord
Dimensions (H x W x D, inches): 12 x 6.5 x 9.25
Weight (pounds): Right speaker (with built-in amp), 11.8; left speaker, 10.7
Finish: Walnut veneer or matte black over MDF
Price: $799/pair

Company Info
(800) 554-7724


hk2000's picture

I always found he highs on horn loaded speakers from the like of Klipsch and JBL very hash and grating, but I haven't heard any in a very log time. Is there any reason to think things have changed?

Bob Ankosko's picture
Thanks for your comment. You really have to judge the sound for yourself so I encourage you to give them a listen if you can. In my judgement The Fives did not sound harsh or grating. Klipsch offers a 30-day return policy but you have to pay for shipping and handling if you don't like them. Best Buy carries Klipsch speakers but I don't know if this particular model is available in stores (it is online). Might be worth a call if there's a Best Buy (or other audio retailer) in your area.