KEF Lowers Pricing Across LS Wireless Collection to ‘Make Hi-Fi More Accessible’

In these times of unrelenting prices increases, it’s rare for a company — any company — to reduce prices, let alone make an announcement about it. But that’s exactly what KEF has done.

Last Thursday, the venerable British speaker maker introduced the LSX II LT streaming speaker system, a more affordable version of the award-winning LSX II, and quickly followed up with news that it had reduced prices across-the board in the LS Wireless Collection.

The series comprises five two-speaker systems — three bookshelf and two tower-based systems — each fully powered and ready to stream music from a variety of services.

Starting with the new LSX II LT bookshelf system at $1,000, the LS Wireless Collection includes the original LSX II bookshelf system, which is now $1,300 (down from $1,400). The LS50 Wireless II bookshelf system is now $2,500 (originally $2,800), while the LS60 Wireless floorstanding speaker system has been reduced to $5,000 (originally $7,000) and the LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition to $6,000 (originally $8,000).

KEF says the price reductions are possible because, in addition overcoming recent global challenges with logistics and parts-supply, the company has been able to leverage economies of scale achieved through its Tier 1 manufacturing processes.

“We are excited to empower more music enthusiasts worldwide with our innovative, high-fidelity solutions at competitive prices,” said Stephanie Scola, vice president of marketing at KEF America.

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I wish there was a simple way to integrate powered speakers into a surround sound system. When I upgraded to Atmos 6 years ago, I replaced my old processor with a receiver because at the time I couldn't afford a 4-channel amp to power the ceiling speakers. The price difference between the ceiling speakers I bought and some of these powered bookshelf models is minimal and would have allowed me to get the processor I preferred. Unfortunately, it's still no easier to integrate powered speakers today than it was 6 years ago.