JVC Ships D'Ahlia

Last week JVC announced that the final touches have been applied and the D'Ahlia 61" D-ILA hologram HDTV rear projection television (official model number AV-61S902) has begun shipping to several retailers nationwide and will soon be available to consumers at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $13k.

JVC claims that the new set uses a 1.2" single panel D-ILA device that sports 1.32 million pixels or 3.96 million addressable RGB dots and is capable of producing a 1280 x 1028 pixel image, making it among the highest resolution displays available to the consumer market. The company also says that the D'Ahlia features a high-contrast, big-screen image with a wide angle of visibility, allowing for improved visibility both vertically and horizontally. JVC adds that "with this device there is no convergence to worry about; it is worry-free when it comes to image burn-in under normal use, and it is able to reflect over 90% of the original 200W light source, giving a brighter picture from corner to corner."

According to JVC, the D'Ahlia accepts 480i, 480p, and 1080i outputs from set-top boxes, features four aspect modes (regular, panoramic, cinema and full), and includes a PLL frequency-synthesized 181-channel dual NTSC tuner. The set accepts component video inputs from DVD players or DTV decoders, in addition to S-Video and composite sources. The D'Ahlia also includes JVC's "Natural Progressive" picture improvement technology, which doubles the image data in each field and uses 3D interpolation to display a "solid image without any noticeable scanning lines on-screen and eliminate jagged edge noise and image trails."

JVC's Michael Holmes says that "consumers and dealers alike have been clamoring for the arrival of D'Ahlia since we first introduced it to the public at this year's CES convention. We are delivering on JVC's promise to be at the forefront of innovative television technology and are leveraging JVC's expertise in audio and video products to bring our customers the best viewing experience in the market."