JVC DLA-X500R 3D D-ILA Projector Review Test Bench

Test Bench

The measurements given here were made using SpectraCal CalMAN measurement software version 5.4.2.

Full-On/Full-Off Contrast Ratio: 400,000:1

All of the measurements were taken with the projector in the User 1 preset with the lamp in low and the Standard color space selected. The gamma correction preset was selected as Custom, with the preset of 2.4 used as a base. All of the calibration was done with the lens aperture in 0, the Intelligent Aperture disabled; the contrast ratio measurements were done in a variety of different modes for the aperture as noted. The lamp had 101 hours on it during the calibration. All viewing and off-screen measurements were done on a 120-inch-diagonal Stewart StudioTek 100 screen (1.0 gain).



The full-on/full-off contrast was measured with a Minolta T-10 meter from 4 inches away from the lens face. I tested various configurations in both high and low lamp mode with the lens aperture in various conditions. The highest native contrast ratio with Intelligent Aperture disabled was obtained with the projector in low lamp mode with the aperture fully closed (–16). The highest contrast ratio achieved with Intelligent Aperture disabled was 84,000:1. Using the Intelligent Aperture in Auto 2 mode resulted in a peak contrast ratio of 400,000:1 in High Lamp mode. Note that with the Minolta T-10 meter used, a single-digit difference with low-level measurements results in a difference of nearly 100,000:1 in contrast, so these numbers are not absolute. They were repeatable, but measuring black levels this low results in a pretty large margin of error even with the meter tolerances. I could have also achieved a higher contrast ratio if I’d clipped the digital white value at reference white (digital 235) instead of peak white (digital 255). The user setup plays a huge role in what type of contrast performance you can expect to see out of this, or any other projector.

RGB color points and grayscale tracking out the box were very good but not quite as spot-on as the DLA-X700R I reviewed last year in the THX preset. I had a hard time getting the gamma where I wanted it, and the lack of a 10-point gamma adjustment made it a frustrating endeavor to get a good track through the midrange values. While out-of-the-box tracking was excellent, near 100 hours the projector needed a lot of work to give me the results I wanted.


The color gamut in the Standard (not Wide) setting was quite good, with only some mild issues with blue, cyan and magenta. The DLA-X500R does have a decent CMS system that allowed for some minor tweaks to get all of the Delta Es under 3 with little work. Luminance and saturation tracking were generally excellent, with blue being the only color that wasn’t dead on. Thankfully, this is the color we are the least sensitive to. I don’t think it matters anyway as the total Delta E numbers even for blue were less than 3 when all was said and done.—KRD


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