JVC DLA-X30 3D LCOS Projector Specs

Type: D-ILA, 3-chip
Native Resolution: 1080p
3D: Yes
Rated Lamp Life: 3,000 hours in normal lamp mode
Dynamic Iris: No
Lens Shift: Horizontal/Vertical
Dimensions (W x H x D, inches):
18 x 6.8 x 18.6
Weight (pounds): 33
Price: $3,500

Connections Inputs: Video: HDMI 1.4a (2), component video (1)
Additional: RS-232 (1), 3D Synch (1), 3.5mm minijack (2), LAN/RJ45 (1)

Company Info
(800) 252-5722

(800) 252-5722

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In your HT Labs Measures of the JVC DLA X30 what was the
the minimun Black level luminance in ft-L.?

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Good question. We did not provide a black level luminance value for this review because we are in the midst of some change in how we report contrast. As the black floor of projectors continues to fall, we have been evaluating the best way to give the readers the most accurate and valuable information possible. Computing the black level luminance is not a cut and dry approach. Measurements are taken at the lens to give you the most light possible for the measurements. This is due to the limitations in low light level handling by the meters. From there you can compute the black floor luminance at the screen with simple math but that only accounts for my specific room/screen/throw/setup conditions. Even the contrast numbers can vary considerably based on setup conditions, calibration, and equipment. We are trying to nail down how we want to approach this going forward and we've had some great discussions on it. Keep an eye out for changes in the HT Labs section coming soon.
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Thanks Kris for your response, I will check later your chances in HT Labs section, and thanks for this great review!
Last question: You think what the black levels of this JVC dla x30 (properly calibrated in a bat cave, totally black walls, ceiling and dark carpet and without windows) will rival the black levels of hdtv's like the Sharp elite or Pioneer Kuro?

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Great question, but really hard to answer. The Kuro is an outstanding plasma (I haven't had the chance to spend any significant time with the Sharp to weigh in on it) but perception of black will be handled quite differently between the Kuro and a projector. First off, the Kuro is a much smaller display. Most people using a front projection system have a much larger screen to fill up. Because of the smaller display the Kuro will be much brighter at any one time. Also, plasma technology lends to a nearly infinite ANSI contrast ratio that no front projection system can match. This will make images seem a bit more contrasty. Overall black floor levels will probably be pretty close in black outs though. I doubt you would see a huge difference, if even a subtle one. But a smaller and brighter image will probably look better to most people in terms of definition, detail and intra-scene contrast. The JVC throws a wonderful image with some of the best blacks I've seen in a front projection setup though, so I doubt you'd be disappointed in it even if you're coming from a Kuro.
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Thanks Kris for your advice and response!!!

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Glad I could help!
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Great information. It sounds like this is now the way to go.

What about ambient light? I'm watch a lot of movies, but I also like to watch sports. Could daytime viewing be an issue? Many reviewers tout the Epson 5010 because of the brightness. What do you think?

For this projector, what screen would you suggest in the under $2K range? And what about $2-$3,500 range?

Finally, should I just pull the trigger or - like Apple - are projector roll-outs primarily in the fall?



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HI Randy. Daytime viewing could be an issue with just about every projector out there if the conditions are bad enough. Especially if you want to have a calibrated image in that lighting. The X30 has plenty of light if you want to sacrifice contrast and accuracy, which shouldn't really be an issue if you're talking about the mid-day game. Screens are another matter entirely and there is no clear cut choice based on budget. Choosing a screen is one of the most important things you can do. It effects contrast, total brightness, resolution and sound (depending on if you need a perf screen or not). I have been using a Stewart Studiotek 130 for years now and it fits perfect with my viewing environment. But if you want to compete with ambient light and want a bright image than maybe something like the Firehawk or Black Diamond would be a better fit. If you just want a bright image a high power from DaLite may be a good fit. There are certainly a lot to choose from and one size doesn't fit all. I'm a big fan of Stewart's screens and Carada for the budget minded. But DaLite and Screen Research make some great screens as well. Figure out exactly what your needs are and do some research into what screen will deliver those needs the best. Good luck!
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Hi Kris,
I am new to the projector world... having recently gutted my home theater room that featured an older pioneer plasma. I have created a true black-out theater... no uncontrolled ambient light and ultra flat black walls. I am primarily interested in 2D movies via blu-ray (80%) and movies from Comcast onDemand HD (20%)... with the possibility of some HD sports from time to time.

I installed a 2.40:1 (108" diagonal) 1.0 gain carada screen and a Panasonic AE 7000U about 13 feet from the screen --- primarily because it has solid reviews all around and has the lens memory capability. I've had the projector about 1 week. I like it. BUT, I can seem to dial in the focus as many movies appear to be slightly out of focus. I find it to be a sticking point. I also find the iris/fan noise to be slightly distracting. Not too bad when the speakers are in full bloom... but the high-pitched whirring sound is a little distracting at times.

I just ordered a JVC RS45 (which I believe is the X30). I'm wondering if you could comment - seeing as though you've obviously played around with a lot of these projectors - about why the RS45 might be a better choice.

A couple of questions:

(1) Do you think I will find a better ability to dial-in the focus on the picture coming from the RS45?

(2) Also, I really like the fact that the Panasonic has a built-in masking system that eliminates black-bar over flow on movies that are zoomed-in to fill the 2.40:1 screen. Does the JVC offer something like that?

(3) Did you notice a blue tinge in dark blacks on the RS45 when you tested it?

I originally dismissed the RS45 because it is slightly more expensive, has a lower lamp life, got dinged on 3D capability (even though that doesn't matter a whole lot to me) and doesn't have complete color management controls. But, it seems like many regard it's 2D capabilities to be really great... so, in a hope that I might gain some control of focus, I'm hoping it is slightly more detailed in the picture department.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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