InFocus Corporation Unveils Three-pound DLP Projector

Video projectors are massive and cumbersome, right? Think again. How about a projector the size and weight of a desktop telephone, with full HDTV capability? That's what Wilsonville, Oregon-based InFocus Corporation is promising with its new UltraLight X350, part of its Proxima line of products.

At only three pounds, the X350 is among the most portable projectors ever made. That alone would be sufficient incentive for most corporate buyers. The UltraLight, however, is aimed at a bigger market: the millions of movie fans who have the enthusiasm but not the space for a traditional projector. Proxima makes its incredible performance: weight ratio possible by incorporating the latest "smart" electronics and Texas Instruments-developed Digital Light Processing technology.

Among the many intriguing features on the X350 are a brightness intensity of 1100 lumen; room light level sensing circuitry; digital keystone correction; and zoom capability for "a perfect image regardless of projector placement," according to a company press release. The projector offers true XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels), complete connectivity with virtually any computer, and a video module insuring compatibility with RCA and S-video feeds---meaning you can hook up your DVD player and watch movies on the big screen with minimum hassle. Proxima plans to offer a "ProjectionLink" single wire connection for HDTV and enhanced video applications. The X350 is said to be "whisper quiet," with operating noise below 32dB.

With an anticipated market of more than 600,000 units, Proxima has a repair policy solidly established. "The UltraLight X350 comes with the security of a 90-day (or 500-hour) limited lamp warranty plus two years of free "ProXchange" service for overnight projector replacement in the unlikely event that an UltraLight X350 will need repair," says a company press release

The X350 should be available in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia in November, priced at approximately $4,799.