High-Dynamic Range TVs Will be Commonplace in 3 Years

High-dynamic range (HDR) compatible TVs will become commonplace in the next three years, according to new report from research firm IHS Technology.

Unit shipments of HDR televisions in the global 4K/UHD market are expected to explode, jumping from 2.9 million in 2016 to 32.6 million in 2019, IHS said, noting that its forecast covers only sets that meet the UHD Alliance’s acceptance criteria.

HDR will start to gain a toehold next year but rapid growth won’t occur until 2017 when 12.5 million HDR sets are expected to ship worldwide, the report said.

“Numerous consumer trials by broadcasters, content producers and research labs have demonstrated that HDR has a huge impact on viewers,” said Paul Gray, principal analyst for IHS. “Not only do images look more realistic, but coverage of sports and other outdoor events in HDR also ensures that none of the action is lost in shadow. It is also worth remembering that HDR images are recognizable and effective regardless of the screen size or viewing distance.”