HiFiMan's New Planar Headphones Support Wireless Hi-Res Streaming

The headphones specialists at New York-based HiFiMan have introduced a follow-up to last year’s popular Ananda-BT headphones that supports wireless high-resolution streaming.

The new Deva open-back, planar-magnetic headphones are slated to ship in March at $299 and will include a Bluetooth/USB dongle that enables hi-res music to be wirelessly streamed to them.

The dongle (shown in photo) supports LDAC and aptX-HD codecs and can be used as an integrated digital-to-analog converter (DAC)/amp to extract “audiophile-grade performance” from smartphones and other low-power devices connected to it via a USB-C cable; a built-in amplifier provides up to 1 watt per channel.

A direct descendant of the $6,000 Susvara headphones, the Deva uses HiFiMan’s impossibly thin, low-mass Super Nano Diaphragm to produce “stunning levels of detail” with ultra-low distortion.

The Deva is equipped with a user-replaceable 3.5mm balanced cable and includes a quarter-inch phone-plug adapter. The ’phones have a rated impedance of 18 ohms and sensitivity of 93.5 dB and provide up to 4 hours of wireless playback per charge, according to the company.

“Like its predecessor, Ananda-BT, the Deva raises the bar for wireless audio but at a moderate price point,” said Dr. Fang Bian, founder and CEO of HiFiMan. “No matter if it is used with a wired or wireless connection, Deva will outperform every headphone in its price class, every time.”

For more information, visit hifiman.com.