Hi-Fi World Mourns Passing of Stereophile’s Art Dudley

Art Dudley, deputy editor of Sound & Vision sister publication Stereophile, has passed away.

Art’s career as a hi-fi journalist started in the mid-1980s at The Absolute Sound magazine and included a five-year-plus stint running his own print mag, Listener. Along with helping to edit Stereophile, he was a respected reviewer and a columnist for the magazine dating back to 2003. Our thoughts go out to his family at this time.

You can read tributes to Art from his Stereophile colleagues Jim Austin, John Atkinson, and Michael Fremer here.

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I'm not into hi-fi snobbery, but I am always into great writers.
Art falls into the latter category. Do yourself a great favor, if your stuck at home, take a liberating trip. Read Art's archived column in Stereophile.