HDTV Networking

Last week, Magis Networks, which develops 802.11a wireless chipsets, announced it will offer what it is calling the world's first live demonstration of a wireless 5GHz network capable of transmitting HDTV. The company says that its chipsets enable wireless communications of TCP/IP data, high-quality video, and audio throughout the home and office. Magis adds the demonstration will be featured at the upcoming Western Cable Show, November 28–:30, in Anaheim, CA.

The company's Clarence Bruckner explains, "Up until now, the wireless network industry has witnessed simple wireless data technology in action from competing 802.11a and 802.11b products. At Magis, we are raising the bar beyond 802.11a to include not just support for video, but HDTV capabilities in our chipset. We are ready to show the industry the first wireless HDTV transmission."

According to Magis, products being developed by the company support a unified 5GHz network capable of delivering multiple streams of content simultaneously, including HDTV and Internet data, at bit rates up to 54Mbps, throughout the home and office. The company says its products are based on its Air5 technology, which supports flexible wireless connections using the clear 5GHz frequency band. Magis adds that the Western Cable Show demonstration will feature a wireless HDTV transmissionover-the-air from an access point to a remote terminal in the company's booth.

The company says applications for its chipsets include digital cable set-top boxes and gateways, cable modems, satellite receivers, PCs, laptops and PDAs, and consumer electronics equipment such as televisions, personal video recorders (PVRs), DVDs, Internet appliances, and gaming consoles.