Hafler Launches Subwoofer Systems for HT

Nothing adds to the thrill of action/adventure movies like earthshaking bass, and nothing creates earthshaking bass like a good, powered subwoofer. Hafler has announced several new subwoofers that might please even the most demanding home theater fans.

One of the most respected names in professional audio, Hafler has incorporated its famed Trans-ana circuitry in the 200-watt amplifiers of its new subwoofers, the VRM10s, VRM12s, and VRM15s. The subs--with, respectively, 10-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch drivers--are intended to compliment the VRM line of satellite speakers, for what the company claims is "the ultimate home theater audio experience."

Hafler subwoofers eliminate the need for an on/off switch with a circuit that detects incoming signals from either RCA jacks or speaker-level inputs and automatically powers on the amplifiers. The summed-mono bass signal is fed to a 4th order Linkwitz-Riley low-pass crossover network, adjustable from 40 to 110 hertz. A phase control lets users adjust the phase of the subwoofer's output in 90-degree, 180-degree, or 270-degree increments--for great flexibility in placement.

All three models feature voice coils of four-layer copper wound on aluminum formers, cellulose-fiber cones, and Santoprene rubber surrounds that control woofer damping regardless of temperature. The company says these new subs have very low distortion and wide frequency response.

"Hafler has been designing leading-edge professional monitors and amps for decades, and we have designed the VRM Series right alongside the same technology as that found in today's leading recording studio and broadcast environments," explains the company’s managing director, Jerry Cave. "The combination of our VRM satellite speakers and VRM subs provides an amazing audio experience comparable to the professional sound system, encompassing the same sonic quality and impact that the home theater enthusiast expects in his or her own living room."