Google TV: Logitech Revue and Sony Internet TV Conclusion


While my Google TV experience with both models was satisfactory, I was left with a sense of wanting something better—much better. While the user interface is simple enough to navigate, they just didn’t go the extra mile to create a more engaging or integrated user experience. You scroll and click—a lot. There are many layers, some more complex than they need to be.

While it’s an ambitious endeavor, it seems that Google TV came to market far too early. It’s just not ready for prime time. They need to focus on the user experience and spend time creating unified integration between the platform’s various aspects.

If you’re looking for a connected product, I suggest you look for the apps and services you want and purchase an HDTV or Blu-ray player that has them. This gives the Sony Internet TV an edge compared with the Logitech device. Still, given the poor integration and frustrating user experience of both products, that’s not saying a lot.