Focal Brings Personalized Sound to Bathys Headphones

The concept of tailoring sound to hearing acuity has been around for a number of years and is starting to catch on as sound personalization moves well beyond using a simple graphic equalizer to adjust sound “to taste.”

Focal today became the latest company to embrace the trend with an updated version of the Bathys noise-canceling wireless headphones it introduced last year. The headphones now include a compelling hearing test feature.

Accessible via the updated Focal & Naim app, the automated Mimi hearing test takes a few minutes to complete. The test uses tones to analyze the unique characteristics of the listener’s hearing and creates a profile that modifies the frequency balance of the sound to compensate for any deficiencies that may exist. Each ear is tested individually to account for likely variances.

Once the profile is set, you can use a slider to adjust the intensity of the customized equalization. The profile can be applied to other headphones; the app also allows multiple profiles to be stored for different listeners.

The Mini hearing test was deemed to be among the five best hearing test apps out of more than 20 currently on the market by, a company dedicated to reviewing hearing health products.

Otherwise, the Bathys headphones are essentially the same as when we reviewed them, except they are now cheaper — Focal has reduced the price to $699 from the original price of $799 — and also available in a lighter color with silver accents Focal calls Dune (shown in photo). For more information visit