EPV Screens Makes ALR Awesome

The benefit to ambient light rejecting (ALR) screens is that they allow for bigscreen projection systems to be set up in living rooms and other spaces where there's typically a medium to high level of ambient light. The downside to ALR screens is that you have an enormous, blank rectangular object permanently situated on the wall of your living room.

The new Dark Star Max UST-FR from EPV Screen provides a flexible ALR alternative by combining a tab-tensioned, rollup screen material with a motorized riser that raises the screen up for viewing, and then retracts it when not in use. The Dark Star Max UST-FR is specifically designed for use with ultra short throw projectors where the unit gets positioned a foot or under out from the wall. Control of the screen's motor is via IR/RF, and the material is housed in a casing with a black enamel finish that's moisture- resistant.

Two Dark Star Max UST-FR options are available: a 120-inch version ($7,499) and a 100-inch version ($6,499). The 100-inch model ships in October, and the 120-inch model will arrive near the end of 2019.