Energy Veritas Series Speakers the Result of Long Reseach

Twenty-five years of research and development by Canada's Energy Speaker Systems have culminated in the company's new Veritas series loudspeakers. Refinements have been made in every aspect of their design, from driver materials and cabinet construction to power handling and dispersion.

Twin woofer models use what Energy calls "dual hyperdrive" technology to reduce distortion caused by having to reproduce too wide a range of frequencies. Cabinet panels are joined using dovetail construction, with special attention paid to internal bracing for minimal cabinet-induced coloration. The multi-element crossover networks are tuned to extract the maximum performance from Energy's stiff, low-mass drivers.

One unusual aspect of the woofer designs is the use of dual voice coils wound in opposite directions, each operating in its own magnetic gap. The design is said to result in higher efficiency and more linear motion. Veritas tweeters are crossed over at 2kHz, an unusually low frequency point, but one that the company believes works extraordinarily well with their high-frequency drivers.

There are six models in the Veritas line, from the diminutive V2.1 bookshelf speaker to the large V2.4 floorstanding model. Center channel duties are handled by the V2.0C, and Energy makes a wide-dispersion speaker for side/rear/ambience applications, the V2.02. All share a sonic similarity, making system configuration an easy task. Energy speakers enjoy a deserved reputation for quality. The Veritas line builds on that tradition.