Enclave Unveils THX-Certified Soundbar Killer

Soundbars are perfect problem solvers for many as they provide a greatly improved listening experience over the anemic audio offered by nearly every modern flat-panel display. Many opt for a soundbar because they require no additional hardware like an AVR, usually require just a single-wire connection to the display, need no extra controls, and are affordable. But what if there was a way to get all of these soundbar benefits while still enjoying far better sound, with actual front channel separation and true surround sound? That’s the promise Enclave Audio is delivering with its new CineHome wireless audio systems.

Featuring WiSA certification, all 5.1 speakers in the system are wireless, with each speaker requiring only connection to power. The system works with any WiSA certified transmitter or any WiSA ready device. Enclave offers the optional CineHub ($99) acts as the hub for the system, receiving the audio signal from the display either via HDMI eARC, Toslink optical digital, analog, and then decoding the surround signal (Dolby Digital, DTS, and uncompressed PCM supported), and transmitting it in 24-bit/96kHz resolution with virtually zero latency (less than one microsecond) to each speaker. The CineHub also supports Bluetooth for local streaming.

The flagship CineHome Pro system features 14 custom-designed drivers and a 10-inch subwoofer that provides a full cinematic listening experience. The CineHub can support up to four subwoofers for larger rooms or for more even bass response. Each speaker is bi-amplified via a class-D 44-watt amplifier with the subwoofer driven by its own 65-watt amp. Don’t let the modest power ratings fool you, as self-powered/active speakers are very efficient with no power lost over speaker wiring runs. The CineHome Pro system is also the first WiSA system to meet the quality, consistency, and performance specs required to receive THX certification.

To simplify setup, an onscreen guide or phone app walks you through the installation process, from identifying each speaker, to setting distances and levels.

Enclave hopes that future hubs will be able to support more speakers and additional surround processing such as Dolby Atmos or DTS:X for a fully immersive wireless surround experience.

The CineHome Pro system is available now for $1499, with the smaller sized CineHome II system also available now for $999.