Edge of Your Seat

With the latest crop of home theater seating, you may never want to leave home. Usually, the first question that comes to mind when you walk into a home theater is, “Where do I sit?” No matter how clear the picture looks or how powerful the sound is, a bad chair or sofa can ruin your home theater experience. But new technology and innovative designs aren’t just for the latest consumer electronics. These fresh seating options offer style, comfort, and convenience. They provide a killer combination of looks and practicality that will make your home theater memorable—in a very good way.

Lap of Luxury
Salamander Designs Talia Chair (from $1,799)
The days of hard, stiffly padded theater chairs are over. Now you no longer need to give in to inferior comfort in order to watch a movie in style. Salamander Designs’ Talia chair combines a richly elegant design with comfortable functionality. It comes with a standard or powered reclining mechanism, so you can sit back and put your feet up with ease. Salamander also designed it with temperature-sensitive memory foam, which makes it conform to your body for maximum comfort. Finally, the Talia offers a wide range of color choices in either leather or microsuede; you’re bound to find one that fits your home theater’s design.

The Professional
Bell’O HTS100 Double Arm Reclining Chair ($1,200)
Bell’O is known for its home theater racks and mounts that are designed to show off your prized flat panels. It’s not surprising that its latest theater chairs are equipped with the same thoughtful craftsmanship and design. Bell’O’s elegant HTS100 double arm reclining chair features a unique headrest that is positioned for great viewing no matter where you are. Its ergonomically designed cushioning also provides you with long-lasting support for a comfortable and memorable viewing experience. The HTS100 features stainless-steel cup holders and a hidden fingertip recline lever so that your home theater can maintain a sophisticated and seamless look.

Celebrity Treatment
First Impressions CinePalaisLounger (from $3,000)
If you lean toward luxurious and extravagant designs in your home theater, First Impressions’ CinePalaisLounger is bound to fit your needs. Instead of a traditional theater seat, the CinePalaisLounger features rich details from top to bottom like a scalloped design on the headrest and antique gold fringe on the footrest. Not surprisingly, First Impressions’ elegant chair can also be customized with up to 75 options. This means you can outfit your chair with heat and massage, built-in storage trays, and even custom housing for a touchscreen controller. Those who value attention to detail will want to bring the CinePalaisLounger into their home theater.

City Style
Fortress Seating Uptown Viewing Chair ($4,500)
Many home theater seating options emphasize function over form. After all, who wants to watch a movie in an uncomfortable chair? If you take your movie watching seriously but still like a chair that’s easy on the eyes, Fortress Seating’s Uptown viewing chair might be your perfect match. The Uptown viewing chair marries urban style with home theater functionality. Along with its rich, structured look, it features motorized reclining capabilities and premium leather. Like other models in Fortress Seating’s Off Broadway home theater seating collection, the Uptown can be customized with many functional features to make your seating as unique as your theater.

Custom Made
CINEAK Bruges Chair (from $4,600)
CINEAK’s Bruges chair makes a statement with its luxurious appearance and old-world charm. Best of all, its wide variety of custom features makes this chair one of a kind. CINEAK lets you customize the Bruges with as many or as few options as you’d like. Some of its options include custom seating dimensions, a heating and vibration system, personalized embroidery with names or logos, and electronic lumbar support. And that’s just the beginning. The Bruges offers elegance with a personality that’s all your own. If you like to leave an impression on your guests, you might want to invest in a few of these.

Maximize Your Options
Brunswick Billiards Majestic Chair ($1,249 each)
If you revel in the number of options and accessories available for your gear, Brunswick Billiards’ Majestic chair might become your latest obsession. For starters, the Majestic offers a variety of different configurations with other furniture in the series. Since each seat features a removable back, you won’t have trouble moving this piece around to suit your changing moods. For the accessorizer, this piece also offers several additional options that you can purchase, such as lighted cup holders, an ambient base, and a powered headrest to achieve the perfect position.

All Inclusive
CinemaShop Ultimate Theater Seat ($2,495)
When a manufacturer calls its chair the Ultimate Theater Seat, it has a big claim to live up to. CinemaShop’s Ultimate Theater Seat has a long list of features that promise to live up to its name. It features twin independent motors that let you separately adjust the back and ottoman for a comfort level that’s just right. You can also customize the Ultimate Theater Seat with multiple options like LED aisle lighting, genuine leather upholstery, and pre-installed transducers for sound that you can hear and feel. The standard version comes in a number of rich UltraLeather colors like Buff, Chianti, Brick, and Tan.